Layers CapCut Template
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Layers CapCut Template

The concept of layers in CapCut templates entails arranging photos or videos on top of each other, resulting in captivating masking effects and an overall aesthetic appeal. If you have been tirelessly searching the internet for extraordinary layers CapCut templates, you have arrived at the perfect destination. We have curated a collection of the top ten best and aesthetically pleasing layers CapCut templates for you to explore right here.

3 Layers Aesthetic Video Template

2 Layers Blend Masking Template

3 Layers Slomo CapCut Template

3 Layers & 7 Photos CapCut Template

3 Layers & Blur CapCut Template

4 Layers Beat Edit Template

3 Layers Beat Edit Template

3 Layers Masking Template

4 Layers Photo Masking Template