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Instasamka CapCut Template

Instasamka, a popular Russian singer, has released numerous hit songs that have resonated with listeners. Her slowed version of the song “Отключаю телефон” has garnered significant attention, thanks to its captivating lyrics and beats.

This song has been making waves on Instagram reels and TikTok videos, going viral among users. To assist you in creating your own videos with this trending song, we are pleased to share a collection of 10 unique Instasamka CapCut templates.

3 Photos Instasamka Transitions

Instasamka Speed Up Beat & Lyrics

9 Photos Instasamka Blur Transitions

2 Photos Instasamka Beat Edits

Instasamka Slowmo & 3D Zoom

Instasamka Zoom In Effect

Instasamka Funny Meme Edit

Instasamka Beat & Flash Edit

Instasamka 2 Photo Beat Edit

Instasamka 1:1 Zoom In Effect

Instasamka Velocity Edit